For a city of only 15,000 residents, Kingsland sure has a lot of great features packed into it.  And many of those great things is the outstanding food. There’s no need to leave Kingsland to find just about any food you’re in the mood for. has rated 54 restaurants in Kingsland. Here’s the top 3 that made the list.

Millhouse Steakhouse Kingsland

For the best steaks in Kingsland, Millhouse Steakhouse has what you’re looking for.  They also offer up sir fry & lomein, pasta, ribs & chops, fresh seafood, flatbreads, sandwiches, and burgers, along with an extensive bar. The only thing better than the food is the service!

Steffens Restaurant

Steffens is the perfect place to go in Kingsland if you’re in the mood for homemade meals made from scratch along with southern hospitality. This is a classic restaurant that’s been family owned since 1948.  They use locally sourced ingredients to support the local farmers whenever possible. They’re especially known for their Southern Fried Chicken and their award winning Eggs Benedict.


A unique dining experience in Kingsland, they specialize in succulent dishes such as pork chop sandwiches, poached tuna salad, baby back ribs, and beef wellington. Their dedicated staff focuses on creating dishes that are memorable and will keep you coming back for more.